Corporate Law

The entrepreneurial spirit can accomplish great things if it is supported by a solid foundation oriented toward efficiency and growth. We can help you with the legal issues so that you can get back to work doing what you do best.

Business Entity Formation

If you are starting a new business , experienced legal counsel can help you achieve your goals while minimizing your potential risks. There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to business. Attorney Kelly Love Manning will work with you to determine what type of business entity (LLC, corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship) you may need, what your needs and goals are, what risks and exposure you may have, and what steps you might take to minimize your risks and maximize your potential gains. Ms. Manning’s advice will be customized and tailored to your unique set of circumstances. Online services providing "form documents" simply cannot provide the personalized and customized information that you need for your business. You have unique needs that a generic form cannot accommodate.

There are so many challenges involved in starting a new business, but one very important aspect of this process is the legal formation of the business entity. Operating a business under an inappropriate entity form can lead to serious consequences – tax, administrative, and otherwise. Ms. Manning will guide you through the process of choosing from among the various business entities available to you. She will describe the advantages and disadvantages of each type of business entity so that you, together with your CPA, will be able to make an informed decision about what type of business entity makes sense for your unique situation. After determining which type of entity to form, Ms. Manning will manage the formation process from beginning to end, which allows you to spend your time managing your business rather than worrying about the administrative aspects of the formation.

Assisting in Business Maintenance and Growth

Once your business is up and running, you will need to comply with various state and federal laws in order to keep your business entity in good standing. In addition, any changes in the ownership and/or management of the entity must comply with the law and need to be properly structured and documented.

As our client, we will assist you in the maintenance of proper minutes, books, records, annual filings, and contracts, as well as add you to our various reminder systems for reports and documents applicable to your business. We will also assist you by being available to answer questions and to help you move through the various cycles of your business from start-up to ownership changes to eventual retirement or the sale/transition of the business.

Ms. Manning enjoys getting to know business owners and really learning their businesses so that she can continue to provide specific advice and counsel to her clients on a long-term basis.

Business Acquisition or Sale of Business

We have represented many clients in the purchase and/or sale of their businesses. Purchasing or selling a business can be structured in several ways and it is important to properly structure the purchase or sale to accomplish your goals and minimize your risks. There are a variety of factors and negotiating points to consider when buying or selling a business, and those details need to be negotiated and agreed upon prior to entering into any sort of purchase agreement or letter of intent. Some of the details that may not seem important at the outset can have a huge impact later, so it is important to hire counsel early in the process. The average client will only purchase or sell one or two businesses during their lifetime. This type of transaction is a big investment and is often a significant part of retirement planning, which means it is very important that the transaction is reviewed in detail and documented properly. We have the experience to help guide you through the purchase or sell process successfully.

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