Construction Law

Tennessee Attorneys for Construction Litigation

Construction disputes can involve complex legal and technical issues. We use our trial experience and technological knowledge to assist clients in protecting their interests in construction litigation.

Advising and Representing Clients in Construction Disputes

Our lawyers are prepared to assist you in choosing and aggressively pursuing the most effective approaches to resolving construction disputes in your favor to the extent possible under Tennessee law. We are experienced with disputes involving the following issues among others:

  • Construction delays
  • Construction defects
  • Satisfactory performance of construction contracts
  • Construction liens
  • Land use, zoning and permitting
  • Liens

You will meet one-on-one with an attorney at every key stage of the litigation process in order to ensure that the actions we take comply with your interests, goals and preferences.

In-Depth Understanding of a Complex Practice Area

Construction and lien law in Tennessee is a very technical area of law, involving certain standards and approaches that are unique to the state of Tennessee. Many construction disputes end up in complex litigation, with multiple parties, extensive document records and technical issues that require clarification by expert witnesses.

Attorneys David T. Black (the former 20-year chair of the Blount County Planning Commission), John T. McArthur, Carlos A. Yunsan and Ashley E. Bentley understand construction law. They have solid trial experience, and have represented all sides — including homeowners, contractors, developers and government agencies — in a variety of construction cases.